5 Important Management Lessons from Mahabharata

Written by Ram
Written by Ram

Mahabharta, the biggest epic of all time, contains every single thing you need to know about the past, present, and future. Mark my words, whatever is not there in Mahabharata, you can’t find it anywhere else. Mahabharata is the oldest and gigantic storehouse of knowledge abundance that the world has ever witnessed. Besides all other facets, the management lessons from Mahabharata can pivot anyone’s life towards the state of nirvana.

This legendary epic is full of enormous incidents that hold the strength to unlock the real power among oneself. After analyzing and understanding Mahabharata’s incidents in-depth, I realize the game-changer lessons it holds for entrepreneurs. Strategic incidents, in-depth planning, raw passion, and management lessons from Mahabharata can improvise the ways entrepreneurs function and operate.

In this article, I’ll take you on a tour of epic lessons offered by the legendary tale of all time. 


Management Lessons from Mahabharata

Blast Innovation in Every Task

Do you know who was the first test-tube baby in the world? Think it, you know the name. It’s none other than Duryodhan. Yes, all the 100 Kauravas are full-blown test-tube babies. They are the results of Gandhari’s innovative thinking. Without any labs or what, Gandhari gave them birth through mud pots. These mud pots provide the adequate temperature needed by the embryo to grow. The test tube is one of the biggest innovations of all time and it was encountered in Mahabharata first. Isn’t it mind-boggling! 

Thus, innovation can skyrocket a brand or startup-like no one else. Be it marketing, or a new product launch, try to bring a revolution through innovative thinking. Because who started first doesn’t matter. The one who innovates rules the world. Nokia and Apple are the live paradigms. 


Strategic Leadership

Krishna was the supreme strategist of the whole Mahabharata fiasco. The Pandavas’ success was a result of his strategies. Before the entry of Krishna and his intelligent policies, Kauravas’ success was obvious. But Krishna turned the whole game and taught the actual leadership qualities to Arjuna. To be a leader, you have to sacrifice tons of things. Every hurdle needs to be wiped to lead towards the actual and fruitful destination. 

Thus, leadership is another one of the most significant management lessons from Mahabharata. Leadership with flexible and intelligent strategies can help you win the business games that you haven’t even expected. Thus, lead with quality strategies and keep excelling in the game.

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Employ The Right Strategy at The Right Time 

No doubt, you could have a plethora of strategies to counter the competition and reach the crown. But if not used at the right time under needy conditions, those strategies would remain under the rug forever. 

In Mahabharata, there were many strategic incidents to teach us the significance of strategy and sacrifice. At one time, Krishna lets Ghatotkach die from Karna’s shakti Astra so that Karna won’t be able to kill Arjuna. On the same note, Abhimanyu was made to die against the war rules. So, Pandavas could also violate the rules to kill Duryodhan, Drona, and Karna. These moves could be wrong, but to reach the end goal, the success, these steps are necessary. 

Thus, strategic thinking is the pillar of any organization’s growth. Employing the right strategy at the right time can turn on the success drive of any startup founder. Thus, instead of preparing strategies only for the business plan of the startup, they should implement them as per the market needs. 

Drive With Passion 

The passion of Eklavya to learn war skills and archery was just fierce. Even when Drona refused to teach him. Did he stop? No way! He learned every single thing just by observing. That boy drove with passion and learned what he wanted without any apparent teacher. 

Thus, don’t ever let denial, rejection, and lack of resources hamper your learnings. Because the world has an abundance of knowledge. Grab wherever, whenever, and whatsoever you come across. Moreover, in the field of management, passion can stand out as your true teacher. Your passion to fulfill deadlines, your passionate flexibility to work under dynamic conditions, and fire to learn new skills can pave an undeniable and robust path of success for you. 

Govern Excellently 

Why did Kauravs lose? There could be many reasons but the biggest one is their filthy governance. Kauravas were full of themselves. All they wanted were luxuries. Did they care for the subjects? No. Did they respect the women? No. Did they understand what all elders tell them? No. Thus, eventually, they were doomed. On the other hand, why did Krishna help only Pandavas? Because he knew who would follow the right path, who would lead the kingdom ethically. 

Similarly, if you’re commanding a budding startup or full-fledged brand, lead excellently. Care for your employees, and eradicate all the red flags as much as you can. Companies with the best work culture and office environment are the thriving ones. Examples are none other than TCS, Google, Microsoft, and the list will go one with all the top brands. 

Thus, if you want to climb the ladder of success, these 5 management lessons from Mahabharata can alleviate your speed like a rocket. Choose a path and stick to it, no matter how hard it is.



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