Submit your startup pitch deck and fill-up the form available here, and our team will get back to you asap.

There is no need to worry as our startup consulting firm, Lakhani Financial Services, can help you prepare these documents most comprehensively with the help of our professional team.

Yes, we do charge a very reasonable professional fee to provide this service as our time, workforce, knowledge & resources are being used. For more info on the fees, please do get in touch with us at

Business Plan – This is the Bible for raising capital from any investors. A Business plan is a 5-year vision statement of the founder of how they want to start, build, and scale the business. It shows the entrepreneurial side of the founder. This document highlights the Revenue model, cost structure, capex, opex, Cash-break even point, operating break-even point, Unit economics, Go-to-market strategy, sales plan & funnel, number of products the company will sell, valuation, exit strategy, etc.

​Pitch deck – A pitch deck is a 14-16 slide investor deck highlighting all the business points in the most stunning manner possible. The pitch deck preparation should be significant to give you a wow experience for the investors. As it is said – The first impression is the last.

See, we are not selling a TV or a fan. We cannot guarantee you will receive so and so funds once you have worked with us to prepare the Business Plan & deck. Our business startup consultant still needs to analyze what stage you are at, what team you have, what’s the execution capability of the group, how much traction you have, and so on.

However, We can promise you that once you have made the Business Plan & deck with us, you will have the most confidence in your business model that it can be successful because of the brainstorming we would have done while preparing it. This will be your flag-bearer in terms of the model. Also, the pitch deck will be the best one that you would have seen ever, which will impress anyone you show it to.

We have done thorough research on what Investors like to see in a Business plan and deck. We don’t use any template which would likely be available online. We go very in-depth in preparing the Business plan and deck. To prepare a business plan, we sit with the founder (either on zoom or hangouts) and work with them for 5-7 days to prepare the plan.

We brainstorm with the founder, research with them, have detailed discussions about growing the business, cut costs, etc., which leads us to a very sustainable business model. We don’t work like many other advisors who hard-code the figures without any logic. So, when we prepare the business plan, all our data points are backed by proper logic, reason, and rationale.

The Pitch Deck is prepared by our creative & graphics team, who understands the startups,, and prepares the deck in the most unique and wow manner. We send a questionnaire to the founders, highlighting the details we require to design the deck.

  • Stage of investment

Angel Investment: Early-stage/Basic Revenue making

VC’s: Later stage

  • Average Ticket Size

Angel Investment: Rs. 1 Lakh onwards

VC’s: Rs. 3-4 Crore onwards

  • Sector

Angel Investment: Mostly sector agnostic or in which they have domain expertise

VC’s: Specific sector

  • Minimum investment horizon term

Angel Investment: 4-5 years

VC’s: 7 years fund cycle

We are connected with Venture capital funds, Angel investors, Angel networks and family offices.

We can do deals upto $1Mn.

No. However, we can help foreign startups with their investor collaterals like business plan, pitch deck and valuation.

The startup will bear legal fees for due diligence and shareholder’s agreement. These are not our fees but the professional work done by lawyer at a reasonable cost.