Entrepreneurial Skills To Learn From Lord Ganpati

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Written by Ram

Before starting the venture to go deep in the skills, let me ask a question from you. What first thing strikes you when you listen to the name Ganpati or Ganesha? Come on, think fast. 

Let me guess, you must have thought of the phrase Ganpati Bappa Morya, or first lord to worship, or Vighna Harta, right? Now, don’t you want the traits of Bappa that made them the first one to approach? It may be oblivious, but the great Lord Ganesha is the best mentor to learn entrepreneurial skills and business lessons. All of his actions in the mythological stories were full-blown strategic. One can understand the whole of entrepreneurship from Ganesha. All you need to learn lessons in entrepreneurship is a perspective. Here in the article, let’s see how a startup founder can become a successful entrepreneur at this Ganpati festival. 

Entrepreneurial Skills To Learn From Ganpati

Every single incident in Ganpati’s stories teaches vital entrepreneurial leadership traits to budding startup founders. 

Learn to Stay Dedicated to One Task Until Its Completion

Focused dedication is one of the first entrepreneurial skills to learn from Bappa. Do you remember the incident when Ganesha wrote Mahabharata? To help the sage Ved Vyasa, Ganesha dedicated every bit of his focus to writing the book. Even when the pen broke, he used his own tooth. His focus and dedication were rock strong. 

An entrepreneur’s journey could be 1000s of hassles. But remember quitting should never be an option. There is always a way for hustlers. Keep going, and Lord Ganesha will always pave a path for you. 

Think Out of The Box for The Solutions 

Entrepreneurial leadership is full of problems. All they have to do is think of a solution and solve it. But thinking of conventional solutions is just not enough. Like Ganpati, think of the brand new answers for all the new queries. When our clever Narad muni compared both sons of Shiva and asked them to take 3 rounds of the planet earth, Bappa put on his thinking hat and came up with a brand new fad. He took 3 rounds around his parents, and voila, the job was done. This action is a pure entrepreneurial approach. So, just like our intelligent Bappa, hunt for better ways to grow your business. Traditional ones are not enough. 

Your Business Should Be Your Priority

Setting priorities in business affairs is another most vital business lesson to learn from the bucket of entrepreneurial skills of Ganpati. Once goddess Parvati asked his son, Ganesha, to guard the entrance while she was inside. Ganesha obeyed his duty with his life. This devotion and passion are some of the significant business lessons. Being a startup founder or entrepreneur, learn to set priorities among professional and personal life. Obey your startup commands with your life. Don’t let any personal emotion or relation come in between your startup and life. 

Make The Most of What You Have 

In the business realm, resources make all the difference. But cribbing for the growth of a startup in lack of resources is never a smart move. When both brothers, Karthikeya and Ganesha, were challenged to run three times worldwide, Ganesha knew he would lose. His stout body and vehicle, mouse, were incapable against his fast brother. But did he crib for it? Of course, not. You all know the story further.

So, never cry over the limitations or weaknesses. Your wisdom can turn the stones, and you can work much better without high-tech tools. All you need is a push initially. Or there is a better option. Nowadays, collaboration is a new trend. Run your intellectual horses and come up with a solution instead of crying over the absence of one thing.

Sacrifice Whenever Your Startup Needs 

One of the most prominent lessons in entrepreneurship is Sacrifice. Startup growth asks for the sacrifice of your leisure time, expenses, luxuries, excesses, and a lot more. To complete the epic Mahabharata, Ganpati used his own tooth as a pen. Because the pen he was writing with broke. But did he stop? No, right! His sacrifice results in the successful completion of the holy epic Mahabharata. Similarly, don’t ever fear the sacrifices. The results of sacrifices in business are delightful and enticing.

Wrapping Up 

Ganpati Bappa is full of wisdom. But for entrepreneurs, each of his actions and incidents is inspiring. This Ganesh Chaturthi don’t just fast for 11 days. Give a tribute to Bappa by following his entrepreneurial approach in your business life. The business lessons taught by Bappa are tremendous. Cherish them and stay ahead. To get the best mentors to learn about startup fundraising India, the doors of Lakhani Financial services are always open. With world-class experts and successful entrepreneurs, you can resolve all of your startup-related queries in minutes.

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