7 Ways to Find A Perfect Mentor for Your Startup to Grow Your Business

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Written by Ram

A good mentor for your startup understands the goals and missions of the startup and finds the right path for implementation. Great mentors have tried and tested strategies for the growth of a business. You can have an incredible idea and even fortune to put in but the experience is something missing in a startup founder, and here comes the mentor for your startup to furnish you with their wisdom from experience. 

The right mentors can offer various help like startup funding, startup monitoring, decision making, and a lot more. An excellent mentor for your startup is like a cheat sheet for your business.

But how to find the right one for you and your business over the millions of mentors available? If you are one asking this question, then this article is crafted for you.

Here Are The Top 7 Ways To Find A Perfect Mentor For Your Startup

1. Sign For A Startup Incubator Or Accelerator Program

Startup incubators and accelerators are the organizations that provide help in funding, networking, and development of your business at their early stages. 

The startup incubator provides professional advice for the growth of your business, with a wide range of expertise. If you have an idea and even the plans for your business development, but still you feel like you are not ready for starting the business then startup incubators or accelerators are the best for you. 

You can look for the program online or in your locality also. In this way, you can meet various mentors to support you in your business.


2. Social Media Platform 

Social media is one of the best platforms to find a mentor. It is easier and more effective in today’s world of the internet. You can search for a mentor for your startup on professional social media platforms like Linkedin or even on public platforms like Twitter. 

Social Media Platform

Searching for a mentor via social media can help you find the perfect one because you can track their activity and followers so that you can find their willingness to mentor and their engagement level.

Social media platforms also give you the opportunity to contact the person directly without any third party involved. 


3. Related Events In Your Locality or Online

There are a lot of events happening that can help you and your business. These events provide opportunities to network with various businessmen who are famous in your specific field of business. 

Related Events In Your Locality Or Online

Meeting them can certainly increase the chance of finding a mentor. You get to meet a lot of like-minded people.

Some of them are, 

  • Startup pitch competitions
  • Startup conferences 
  • Industry meetups
  • Online webinar on startups
  • Web summits 
  • Seminars of famous industrialists

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4. Online Mentorship Networks 

These are some websites available for the specific process of finding the right mentor for your startup. You can register you’re in one of the websites like these and find the perfect one for your startup

Online Mentorship Networks 

These platforms usually cost less and offer you advisories on the fields of your business ideas. You can also chat or meet the person before you accept them as your mentor


5. Friends And Family 

It is not relevant to say that you can be the mentor from the professional point of view only, maybe the mentor is around you in your locality.

Friends And Family 

You can find a perfect mentor from anywhere, from neighbors acquaintances, friends, family, etc. Talk to various people around you, you may find them, who can help your company to reach heights. 


6. Score 

The score is an organization that helps upcoming startup founders on how to start, run and grow a business. It is a very popular and trusted organization that conducts over 320 chapters all over India. 


To find the nearest chapter of the score clicks here. The score provides face-to-face conversation with those mentors to develop the startup effectively.

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7. Entrepreneur Hotspots And Volunteering Events

In every city, there will be hotspots where most of the business owners of the city are available, you can visit there and talk to people so that you network with someone who could potentially be your mentor in your startup journey.

Entrepreneur Hotspots And Volunteering Events

Including volunteering, and events may help you a lot in getting connected with a lot of people. You can meet people of different backgrounds and ages, each carrying different experiences of life from which you can learn something. 



It is always good to have someone pushing towards the next level. Mentors are significant for your business growth as they may have enough experience and proven strategies. 

As it was well said “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Come”, finding a perfect mentor for your startup may happen in any place, at any moment, just keep track and put your side of the work.

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