Who Is A Mentor?

The only person who can teach you how to be successful in the most effective manner is a Mentor. 



Why Is A Mentor Important?

To keep the startup alive, its founder has to hustle daily. Overnight success is the thing of fairy tales. No one serves you the fame and success on the plate. One has to fight daily for it. Stress, suffering, and a constant feeling of failure serve as a cherry on the top. But to cut short some of the worries, our startup mentoring services and business mentors for startups are all you need.

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Startups we have Mentored

1-2-1 Mentoring With Devansh Lakhani

Devansh Lakhani works closely with the founders and helps them in stepping milestones in their startup. Twice a month, he organizes 1 hour of personalized online mentoring for startups over zoom call for three months. This 3 months mentoring program has helped 10+ startups to date to grow.

Our startup mentoring program with Devansh Lakhani helps you in:

  • Personalized Mentoring 
  • Get strong traction for your business
  • Develop sales & marketing strategies
  • Identify the right talent pool 
  • Connect with the right professional service providers 
  • Get inspired to take massive action 


When you start a new endeavor, paths are enormous, sharks are gigantic, uncertainties are ample, quitting seems the easiest option but do unicorns quit? 

Nah! That’s why they are successful. No doubt, the ingredients to be successful are passion, commitment, and perseverance. But if these 3 elements are not put in the right direction in the right order, no force can make a business successful. Actually, these are the real distinction between a donkey and a unicorn. 

Now, the question is who drives those startup founders to be real entrepreneurs? According to data gathered by Crunchbase, AngelList, and LinkedIn, around 30% of top performers of the business realm are mentored. They tribute a large portion of their success to mentors. 

Thus, the startup mentoring services hold tremendous proven benefits. Because a mentor is not just a person, they are your light and a driving force towards growth. Be its marketing strategies, revenue, development, problems, or anything, a mentor is the only personality on whom you can rely. 

Nowadays, online mentoring of startups is easier and faster. Startup founders can find and avail the treasure of a mentor right under their fingertips. 

FAQs About Mentoring

A mentor is none other than the person who supports you, pushes, and takes you on the top before him. They don’t stay in front of you. Their real strength lies in being behind you and pushing you with all their might. In the business realm, a mentor helps you grow your business in the best possible way. Thus, while searching for startup mentoring services, look closely, understand their mentoring program, assure yourself, and then only dive in.

The simplest role of a mentor is to guide you on the path where the real growth lies. A true mentor doesn’t ask you to walk in their footsteps. They pave a unique path for you and assist you in boosting your: 

  • Business
  • Sales
  • Strategies
  • Already built solutions 
  • Growth
  • Branding 
  • Marketing 
  • Revenue 

On the very first note, a mentor of a startup changes the lacking or fearful mindset of the founder towards growth. Because mostly startup founders are scared of their actions. Thus, a mentor helps them build self-confidence and lets them be brave and optimistic. They build you for the risks and negatives of the future and boost you socially and mentally. 

You rely upon them to solve any problem. Thus, be very specific while choosing startup mentoring services. Be it online mentoring of startups or offline, don’t lie to them and trust them to let them guide you best.

In Lakhani Financial Services, online mentoring for startups assists you with every single element that you should focus upon to grow as a startup. 

Thus, with us, you will be served with the following privileges:  

  • Personalized Mentoring 
  • Strong traction for a business
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Identification of the right talent pool 
  • Connection with the right professional service providers 
  • Inspiration to take massive action

We at Lakhani Financial Services, provide complete mentoring to our onboarded startups. Post the mentoring program, we help them raise funds from our extensive network of investors. 

1-2-1 Mentoring Program under online mentoring services for a startup has the following description. 

1) It will help you through the process of optimizing your business model and structuring your startup properly. 

2) Mentoring includes – Streamlining your finances, optimizing your budgets, defining marketing strategies, sales strategies, and building an efficient team structure. This all will lead us to get strong traction.  

3) You will typically be having a total of 6 mentorship sessions during 3 months, each session every 15 days. 

4) These mentorship sessions will be conducted over a convenient video conference platform.

5) Each of the mentorship sessions will last for 60 minutes. 

6) You can clarify your doubts arising between two mentorship sessions by asking questions and interacting over WhatsApp or email.

7) You will be given targets and provided with action items at the end of every mentorship session. You are expected to complete the action items given to you at the end of the mentorship session before the next session.

In return, I expect nothing but massive action, accountability, and adaptability from you and your team.

There is no benefit of utilizing Startup mentoring services until you don’t know what skills actually matter in a mentor. When you know how your mentor should be, you get better help. 

Here are the characteristics of a good mentor so that you can understand and keep an eagle’s eye on your mentor while availing online mentoring for startups

Problem Solving: 

The mentor’s role is to contribute an experienced viewpoint to the startup, not to take control. They tend to assist the entrepreneur in weighing choices and sorting through the available data. Finally, a good mentor would provide sound counsel while allowing the entrepreneur to make the final decision. Problem-solving is the first theology of mentors of startup mentoring services providers. 


In the long term, you are investing in the mentor. Thus, a mentor should make good on their commitments. They should hold themselves accountable and set an example in terms of responsibility. Thus, while using online mentoring services, you must check the commitment of the mentor. 


A good mentor considers the next step and urges the entrepreneur to keep on innovating. As the business expands, they assist the entrepreneur in communicating the vision. Just remember, vision strengthens the mission. 


The solution is not always obvious, and the problem must occasionally be defined. A good mentor should be curious to get to the bottom of the problem. What has to be fixed—people, processes, or technology?

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