Top 10 Successful Startup Ideas For Students

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Top 10 Successful Startup Ideas For Students

startup ideas for students

Are you a student who has a dream of running a startup? Do you wanna be a successful entrepreneur? Then you must start it early. Look at the top businesses today, most of them are founded by college students, like Facebook. Increased startup ideas in India, increase national development and integrity.

There are many management lessons available such as startup funding to learn before running a startup but nothing is a good teacher as experiences. To kick-start, your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, this article discusses startup ideas for students, keep reading!

Is it possible to run a startup as a student?

Yes, Entrepreneurship is a fusion of qualities like leadership, persuasiveness, creativity, confidence, competitiveness, self-initiative and a lot more. Developing these qualities at the earlier stage of an individual’s life can help them to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Moreover being a student you have lesser responsibility and more flexibility to start a business. Even if you have a hectic study load from college or school, it’s possible to organize things and get a lot of time to run a startup. You make mistakes, fail, correct them, and try again until you succeed. It’s best to start in your 20s as you have a lot of time to settle down. Here are top 10 startup ideas for students.

10 Best Startup Ideas For Students:

1. Social media

Today, a large portion of the population is on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The past two years of pandemics ensured the incoming of a lot of people into these social media. If you are someone who can talk or create content that keeps people engaged then this is a great platform for you to start your journey. 

If you become a social media influencer, then you can earn by marketing a brand. The brand can be more related to your niche so that it’s easy to influence. Despite the huge competition, you can hit it if you are strong and persuasive enough to attract brands to get you a job. Moreover, this idea needs very less or no investment than any other. But you have to stay consistent throughout the journey of becoming a social media influencer. You will also have to learn to manage the content according to the algorithm of social media so that your content pops up on people’s phones organically.

2. YouTube Channel

It’s the biggest platform that offers many opportunities for content creators. You can start your own YouTube channel without any expenses even on your mobile, however, for the long run, you may need a PC. There are a lot of niches that you can create content for, right from video blogging to cooking recipes.

Remember to focus on a separate niche to get regular views from the specific target audience. The more you get people to watch it, the more popular you get. Consistency is the key to this startup idea. Keep posting and get people engaged with your content. As soon as you reach a level of regular audience you can monetize your channel and earn income from Adsense. Also, you can do affiliate marketing with your channel.

3. Online Tutoring 

Online mode of learning became more typical among people in the past years. Thus online tutoring is a broad opportunity industry, you can sell your educational knowledge on anything. For example, if you are good at programming languages like Python or Java you can teach students who are interested to learn. Moreover, there are a large number of students preparing for NEET and JEE. If you are good at your academics then there is a lot of scope in the online tutoring profession.

There are various platforms where you can seek a teaching job, or also you can create one, like a simple ZOOM class. But in the case of the personal platform, you need to get students by spreading awareness about your classes.

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4. Freelance writing

If you are someone who has a passion for writing and has required skills, you start your freelancing journey as a student. Many businesses and publications are looking for temporary freelancing writers for making content for their websites or other platforms. 

If you want to pursue your freelance writing journey, you can also learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that you can get a lot of clients and get more paid. There are websites like Upwork and Writer Access that provide platforms to connect clients and writers. You can also get clients from social media. Moreover, you can also open your own website and write blogs on your own choice of topic. But to make your website reach people you need to generate organic traffic. 

5. Publishing Books

Speaking of writing, if you have a story to tell or a valuable idea to share you can write a book and get it published. Writing a book becomes a passive income for your lifetime. Once you write a book and publish it, every time it gets reprinted or revised, you will be paid. 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is another easy and efficient way to publish your book. You just need to upload your book and once your book gets certified, it will be available on amazon. You will get paid around 50% every time a person purchases it. If you want to check more about it click here.

6. App Development

If you are someone who knows programming and coding stuff then developing an app and launching it, can pay you a lot. All you need is knowledge of programming and an idea for the app. If you are lacking ideas for an app, don’t worry, just think of an app that solves day-to-day problems. App development is a great business idea for college students who can code.

You can also think of creating motivational apps, an app that rewards the users for every little progress they make. For instance, you can create a fitness app which rewards points for every pound of weight the user loses. Similarly, you can also create apps for academic progress, etc.

7. Reselling 

Reselling is also a big market that you need to explore. For starters, you can sell the old books that you don’t need anymore. There are many sites that provide a platform for buyers and sellers. Moreover, you can definitely find students to buy you old books for less price than the market as every year there will be a need for them.

You can buy products at a low price and sell them for a higher price at a place of demand. The key to the business of reselling is that you need to understand the demand for the product in the market. Also, remember that this is pretty risky business, sometimes you may not get a buyer and may end up in loss.

8. Tech support

If you are a tech expert and can solve problems with them, then starting a tech-help startup is a good option for you. All you will need is a PC, a website and a little experience in the field to help people with their technical problems. You can start with the people of your locality. You can charge according to the job you do. Tech support is a one of the good and potential startup ideas for students.

9. Other freelancing jobs

There are various kinds of freelancing jobs like graphic designing, UI/UX designing, Virtual Assistant, social media marketing, and a lot more. Find the one that suits you the best and work on finding a job on it. You contact an individual or an organization to offer your service to them via social media or professional apps like LinkedIn. You can also use sites like Fiverr and freelancer to get clients.

One of the best benefits of freelancing is that you can gain experience and it has potential to become your full-time profession. 

10. Photography

As a college student, if you can offer a decent camera and if you have a passion for photography then use them to earn too. You can sell your photograph for stock photos or you can offer to photograph a model or some to get paid. In today’s population on social media, photography became an important marketing tool. So this field can also offer you a lot of gigs.

Wrapping up

So, these are some of the top business ideas for college students. Nowadays startup ideas for students in India have increased due to the various opportunities available. Students are becoming more aware of the real business more than just being academic. Also, many startup fundraising companies are available in India today.

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