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What is Pitch Deck?

The document prepared solely for investors that highlights all the WOW points of your business is called Pitch Deck. Pitch deck gives the first impression of your business’s vision to investors, and as the first impression is the last, it needs to be perfect. 

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    Best Pitch Deck Services

    Are you looking to raise funds for your startup? No doubt, the Pitch Deck is the gateway. But don’t you wonder why? 

    Because pitch deck is the first document investors drop their eyes on to consider your business for funding. It’s a make or break point where either your startup can touch skies or remain in the stagnant water. Thus, make your goals clear and keep your documents ready before approaching investors. 

    A startup pitch deck for investors is similar to a student’s notes to teachers. In the notes, a student writes all about his understanding of the chapter. Whereas in the pitch deck there is a complete understanding of the business model. Thus, a pitch deck shows how much you yourself know about the business, problems of your market, solutions you’re providing, target audience, opportunities, competition, revenue, and so on. 

    Thus, a precise pitch deck is a quick presentation that gives a complete overview of your business to the investors. With usually 15-17 slides, the pitch deck gives a tour of your product, business model, revenue generation strategies, team, etc. 

    Thus, with perfect designs and infographics, create a simplified pitch deck or take the assistance of pitch deck design services because a single mistake can deny your chances of funding. 

    The pitch deck design services of Lakhani Financial Services are one of the best in India. With world-class designers and finance experts, we craft a classy and outstanding investor pitch deck for you.

    FAQs About Pitch Deck

    The Pitch Deck is a simple, elegant, and impressive presentation of what a business is doing and will do in the future. It showcases the vision of the founder for the next five years and their strategies to reach the dream destination. 

    The biggest responsibility of the fundraising lies on the shoulders of the pitch deck. Because this is the document that knocks on the gates of investors’ interest first. Everything else falls later. Thus, just like we take extra care of the bride’s makeup in a wedding, see this fundraising game in the same light. 

    A startup pitch deck for investors is no less than the makeup you are putting on the bride to make her most gorgeous. Thus, be careful and choose the pitch deck consulting services carefully. 

    Before seeking the answer to this question, can you answer how an invitation card helps in events? 

    Of course to let the people know about the venue, timing, organizer, activities, etc right! Likewise, a pitch deck serves as a complete statement of what is your business, what is your mission, what is your vision, how many team members are there, what solutions you’re providing to what problems, how exactly you’re thinking to set yourself in the market, and so on. 

    Thus, when investors go through each slide in your pitch deck, they get to know about your business in a detailed and simplified manner. The first approval of fundraising lies in the caliber of the pitch deck. The startup pitch deck of investors assists them to decide if they should meet you on the call or not. Thus, the pitch deck creates your first impression, and you may be aware that the first impression is the best.

    A perfect pitch deck constitutes 15-17 slides. Slides weaved with the perfect alignment, attractive graphics, and eye-appealing outlook make an impressive investor-friendly pitch deck. Thus, be very specific while building a pitch deck or letting a pitch deck consulting services do the chore.

    All the crucial information showcased in a perfect, simple, and eye-appealing manner, makes a great pitch deck. Whenever you avail of the pitch deck design services of Lakhani Financial Services, designs will be elegant, graphics will be original, the content will be simplified, relevance will be complete, and gradually funding will be assured.

    Thus, if you are looking for funding, a business plan, and a pitch deck, let Lakhani Financial Services hold your hand to push you towards growth.

    Thus, if you are looking for funding, a business plan, and a pitch deck, let Lakhani Financial Services hold your hand to push you towards growth.

    In the simplest words, startup pitch decks for investors are complete presentations with all the crucial information in a proper deck of 15-17 slides. But an elevator pitch is not the same. It’s just a single-page brief of your business in which a startup founder tends to explain all about his business. Investors’ understanding doesn’t matter here. But with a full-fledged pitch deck, investors get a thorough glimpse of all the nooks of your business.

    If you’re a startup founder looking to raise funds, then without a doubt you need a pitch deck. Because nothing can help you besides an investor pitch deck if you are on the way to raising funds. 

    But yea, if you are already a set business and now you’re looking for investors to fund your business to expand it further, then you may not be needing a pitch deck. A business plan would be enough there. But for startups, pitch decks are as holy as Bhagavad Geeta for Hindus. Thus to ensure your funds, grab the best pitch deck design services and stay ahead in the game.

    The biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs render in the startup pitch deck for investors are as follows. Make sure to keep an eagle’s eye on these mistakes, because if they happen, you can lose a big amount and a huge growth. 

    • Long presentations: Usually, startup founders, when taking no assistance from pitch deck consulting services, tend to make ultra-long presentations. No investor has big pouches of time to dedicate to such a long pitch. 
    • No graphics, tons of content: Generally, founders end up making useless pitch decks with vague designs and a plethora of content. This is a huge red flag. In a startup pitch deck for investors, you have to use simple, limited, and relevant content to explain what you want without stressing their eyes. 
    • No proper color combination or designs: You may not know but weaving a pitch deck with perfect color combinations and beautiful visuals helps you a lot to attract the eyeballs of investors. 

    Just remember, the startup pitch deck for investors should be clear, concise, and complete. No fluff, no extra stuff. That’s what we do while delivering our pitch deck consulting services. Right from the designs to numbers and infographics to visuals, your startup pitch deck for investors turns out to stand highest.

    Want to prepare your pitch deck well?