Entrepreneurial Skills of Young Startup Founders To Learn From The Festival Paryushan

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Written by Ram

Paryushan is the holiest festival in the Jain community. For Jains, Paryushan is the king of festivals. They celebrate it with passion and dedication for 8 days. No doubt, the zeal of the festival is mind-blowing. But this year, on Paryushan, let’s not just celebrate the festival. I’m ready to blow the young startup founders’ minds with the most effective entrepreneurial skills and advice to learn from holy Paryushan. But before heading towards advice, let me explain how Paryushan is linked with Entrepreneurship. 


Paryushan and Entrepreneurial Leadership

During Paryushan, Jains follow 3 principles strictly. 

  • Right Conduct 
  • Right Faith 
  • Right Knowledge 

These 3 jewels aren’t just advice for startup founders. They hold the whole entrepreneurial leadership traits one must know to grow. With the proper conduct, right faith, and correct knowledge, young startup founders can become true leaders. Business means teamwork, and a team needs a true leader to win the set targets. So, to wear the hat of a successful entrepreneur, these 3 principles are the musts. 

Now, let’s start with the myriad of advice you can learn from Paryushan. 

Advice for startup founders to learn from Paryushan

Running a startup is never a cakewalk. Especially young startup founders endure truckloads of stress and pressure. One of the significant reasons for such stress is incorrect conduct. No doubt, younger ones have a fresh zeal and passion in them. 

But often, they don’t know the ways to handle mental stress. In the run to achieve more, they overpressure themselves for no reason. But Paryushan delivers the advice to take that cognitive stress. Because in entrepreneurship, your mind is your biggest weapon. So, let’s start with the hidden entrepreneurial advice Paryushan offers. 


Do you know what the pillar of the peaceful lives of highly successful entrepreneurs is? It’s nothing other than Introspection. Consistent introspection strengthens them to find the solutions to complex problems and to make risky decisions. Introspection paves your first step towards entrepreneurial leadership. The Jain community follows constant introspection and strengthens their spiritual journey in Paryushan. Similarly, young startup founders can boost their entrepreneurial journey in Paryushan. 


During Paryushan Jains, take 5 vows and keep fasts for 8 days. Similarly, young startup founders should also take a vow to maintain self-discipline forever. If they can control themselves, controlling business would become easy peasy for them. Legends believe that self-disciplined entrepreneurs achieve bigger than they dream. They trust their efforts and stick to their plan in the worst possible conditions. This is all entrepreneurial leadership asks for. 

Be Positive and Spread Positivity 

Visit a Jain’s home in Paryushan. The regular meditations and prayers in Paryushan charge the environment with beautiful positivity. Learn to stay positive from Paryushan because it can turn out as a game-changer in the worst business conditions. You can end with better results if positivity is your driving force. 

Keep Patience

Another name of Paryushan is Parva Dhairya. In English, it means patience. Aside from patience, there is no better advice for startup founders. Youngblood in the veins can make some startup founders impatient. They hurry the processes. Often, this hurry costs them creativity and better results. This Paryushan takes a vow to keep patience. Believe it or not, patience with consistent efforts can earn you the fruits of your labor sooner than foreseen. 

Wrapping Up

If attaining the entrepreneurial Nirvana stage is your end goal, following the three jewels of Jainism should be your theology. No business course will teach you these traits. But have a glimpse of the legendary business leaders. Their personalities reflect all the characteristics mentioned above like a clear mirror. Paryushan encourages the people to take one step towards these qualities. So, Paryushan is a holy moment for young startup founders to start their divine entrepreneurial journey in the best possible way. 

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